The TICO Value

We Make Ports More Efficient. Everyday.

The TICO value proposition, built on service, translates to tangible, quantifiable benefits through our array of equipment solutions

Capital Value:

Whether you choose the incomparable full service solution available in TICO neutral pools or one of our hybrid/dedicated lease and rental systems, TICO offers helps keep your capital deployed in activities that define your position in a very competitive market, and to avoid commitments to capital expenditures supporting revenue streams that are subject to short-term competitive pressures.

Asset Conversion Value:

TICO routinely purchases customer owned terminal equipment. This monetizes customer assets and facilitates transition to TICO systems.

Operating Value:

TICO equipment solutions allow our customers to focus management resources on making money instead of worrying about keeping procuring equipment and keeping it available 24/7.

Risk Management Value:

TICO services include risk management values that are not available when you own all your own terminal tractors and trailers. From physical damage limitation to a unique partnership on liability, TICO offers risk management benefits that help your organization focus on making money.

Port Efficiency Value:

The TICO neutral pool makes ports more efficient. In an age where throughput per scarce terminal acre is a precious commodity, the TICO model helps the best ports to maximize land use through consolidation of equipment into single neutral areas. Additionally, the TICO model is the ideal partner for ports converting to higher density operating systems and technologies.