Systems & Solutions in Terminal Equipment

TICO Terminal Services

TICO is built on a commitment to customer service and customer satisfaction. Having cut our teeth in the fast paced, demand responsive, and time critical world of container stevedoring operations, we absolutely had to prove our value every single day. TICO’s Terminal Services enterprise makes perfect sense.

Neutral Pool Service Model:

TICO locations offer port operators access to a neutral fleet of quality terminal tractor and trailer equipment on an as needed basis, resulting in exemplary capital equipment efficiency.

Utilization Leases:

Off-Port locations near TICO equipment pool locations can have access to short and long term utilization optimized equipment leases. Total dedicated fleet equipment leases can be tailored to a specific operation at your location, with full service and maintenance provided.

Specialized Services:

TICO is eager to fill our customers and business partners every operational need. TICO offers a variety of creative solutions that keep customers operations running smoothly.

Specialized Equipment:

Extending beyond the largest fleet of terminal tractors in North America, TICO offers a long list of equipment available to our customers that makes getting the job done that much easier.

TICO Neutral Pool service allows stevedoring and port business partners to:

Achieve absolute cost identification – no hidden or uncaptured costs

Avoid large capital investments in equipment required to operate in a business where competitive dynamics are a primary force

Access equipment that is continually updated with technology enhancements

Obtain equipment only when needed with maximum uptime

Avoid long-term contracts

Mitigate risk management

Have 24/7 on site service and maintenance

Achieve no life cycle cost management

TICO offers creative dedicated equipment lease packages that provide an array of benefits to our customers:

Lease rate pricing where higher utilization reduces per hour cost

Benefits of efficient ownership control without the long term commitment and front loaded investment

Risk management services

Absolute cost identification

Pricing available to reflect larger numbers of units in dedicated service

TICO is known for our ability to tailor its services to our customers:

Fueling infrastructure and services

Husbanding and maintenance of ancillary cargo handling equipment

Material handling equipment rental

TICO’s fleet of equipment extends far beyond our fleet of Pro-Spotter terminal tractors, benefiting our customers everyday:

Ro-Ro terminal tractors

4×4 Tractors

Bobtail tug

Mobile service units

Ro-Ro cargo handling equipment

Mafi Roll Trailers (Gooseneck attachments)

Drop deck trailers

TICO Pro-Shuttle


Spreader bar trailer

Counter weight attachments

Breakbulk trailers

Fuel tank trailers and tank wagons

Pintle hooks and Dolly Master

Alternative fuel units

Personnel transport vehicles

Forklifts and attachments

Over the road transporter (up to three tractors)

A TICO trucks and bombcarts work at the Georgia Ports Authority Garden City Terminal, Chatham Rail Intermodule, and workers at the TICO On-Termial maintenance facility, Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2015, in Garden City, Ga.  (Photo/Stephen B. Morton)