Georgia Region


TTS--Locations--Georgia-Region2Servicing the Ports in Savannah, GA for over 40 years.

TICO’s first, largest, and busiest port operation supports the Georgia Port Authority terminals in Savannah, GA as well as surrounding warehousing, distribution centers, and various manufacturing plants. The three major Georgia Ports Authority Terminals are Garden City Terminal, Ocean Terminal, and Brunswick Terminal.  The Garden City Terminal is predominantly a containerized freight port. They moved 3.66 million TEU’s in 2015 with their current 22 ship to shore cranes. There are four (4) more STS cranes scheduled to be in place and operational by the fall of 2016. Ocean Terminal is largely dedicated to ro/ro and break bulk vessel operations. Brunswick Terminal is, for the most part, an automobile processing facility.

In addition to Pro Spotter terminal tractors, TICO provides the stevedores with 70 ton Pro Shuttle bombcarts for containers and a variety of specialized trailers, hitches and attachments capable of transporting nearly any kind of heavy lift or out of gauge ro/ro freight imaginable. TICO maintains a dedicated fleet of terminal tractors and trailers used daily, exclusively by the GPA. All TICO terminal tractors at GCT are equipped with the latest terminal operating systems hardware. Our Fuel User Group operates a fleet of tank wagons providing fuel for all support vehicles operating on the port.

TICO’s Savannah fleet of 400+ terminal tractors and trailers services 6 different port locations in Savannah, the GPA, all stevedoring companies and off port customers, 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

Note: Although Brunswick Terminal is part of the Georgia Port Authority, TICO supports it from our Jacksonville, FL facility as it is logistically closer and the shuttle vans provided for automobile processing operations are domiciled there.